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The Electric Vehicle Revolution in India

India is working towards replacing 30% of it’s automobile fleet with electric vehicles within the next decade. Until 2017, the conversation around shifting to electric mobility was centered around higher costs, inadequate charging infrastructure, technological uncertainty and a lack of variety in electric vehicles across the country.

In the last two years, electric vehicles have become a significant part of the Indian roads with e-scooters and cars travelling the same distances as their ICE counterparts. At the moment, the government aims to register 500,000 electric vehicles and set up 200 charging stations per year by 2024. The plan is to install at least a single charging station across 60,000 petrol pumps around the country. This year, new electric vehicles variants are entering the market with a variety of affordable options available to consumers. To add to this, there have been major subsidies and efforts with the FAME II subsidies for EV’s in commercial use, a reduction in the GST to 5% and road tax and registration waivers have reduced the prices of electric vehicles.

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