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Portable EV Chargers Coming Soon!

One of the most popular debates on shifting to EV’s is the absence or lack of charging stations at convenient distances. Well, there is a solution!  Now you can charge your vehicles on the go with portable chargers!  Since 2018, companies such as SparkCharge, Blink and AeroVironment have introduced portable chargers for electric vehicles. These chargers are compact and can fit in a car and scooter’s trunk. While a few are 100% eco-friendly, there are charger variations that are gas-powered. Most chargers will usually deliver 16 amps at 230-volts, or about 3.3 kw of power, good for 16 to 17 kilometers of charging per hour – that is three times faster than the standard cord-set that comes with a plug-in car.

These portable chargers allow electric vehicles to travel longer distances and provide options beyond designated charging stations. The chargers are priced based on their electrical outputs and offer a variety of choices for your preference.  With Howdyy, you don’t need to worry about us running out of charge! We make sure our e- scooters are ready to go till the last mile. Choose your subscription model and we’ll take care of the rest.

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