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Are Electric Vehicles the new Carpool go-to?

In 2019, a study showed that India was leading the global scooter-market with Bengaluru having the highest number of scooter rental fleet. Currently, India’s electric vehicle usage is less than 1%. With rising fuel prices and government amendments supporting a shift to EV’s, the change seems inevitable. 

What’s more? The preference of a shared mobility system that is no longer based on ownership but instead on usership. This increases utilization while offering lower costs for better accessibility. In the last few years, shared mobility providers such as Uber and Ola have added engine scooters to their set of vehicles. Besides that, small scale companies allow consumers to get rides from scooters with designated drivers for short distance trips.

In the recent past, the government plans to order both Ola and Uber to convert 40% of their vehicle list to electric by April 2026. Keeping that in mind, Ola is slowly making the shift towards electric vehicles with several companies adding ready to go electric scooters to Indian roads. Consumers can pick up electric vehicles from their designated stations, pay for a trip on the app and take it where they need to go. At the same time, the rise of electric scooters being used for deliveries has increased their presence as well. With subscription options such as ZoomCar or Drivezy providing electric vehicles as options, customers now opt for eco-friendly options. Simultaneously, BLUSmart Mobility is a the first ride-hailing service with entirely electric vehicles. With such steady growth in the shared mobility market, EV’s are soon going to become the carpool go-to for customers in their daily lives. 

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