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Meet the Founders at Howddy!

Settings Priorities Right In Changing Times!

In a day and age where most people live in a world with an absolute understanding of the damage caused in nature and changes that is often spoken about, there are few that strive to make a difference in their own unique way. Such is the story of the founders at Howddy – an automotive company that strives at changing the transport system of all essential services and delivery into ELECTRIC! With a combination of a Hustler, Innovator and a Strategist this terrific trio is set to change the country one city at a time.

Having closely observed the inception of the electric automotive market in India Aashirwad Deskhmukh –  CEO, found huge motivation to venture into the delivery segment and make that transition to electric. While understanding the presence of its competitors he believes that their strength lies in having in house technology for AI and IOT. With having established a fleet of electric vehicles that support the delivery systems under the 2-3-4 wheeler categories he is in assurance that the country is at a good speed in transitioning to this new offering. He manages the overall growth, investors, profitability, expansion plans, selecting OEM’s for the company. Looking at the market trends he is assured that the progress is only looking positive and exponential.

Aisshwarya Deskmukh – CMO at Howddy leads all marketing aspects related to the brand. With her experience and leadership qualities she focuses on developing and delivering technology-driven business services and solutions, providing outstanding client service and driving profitable revenue growth for the company. With a BBM and MBA degree from Symbiosis Institute of Management she is India’s first woman leader in the electric automotive industry. Her top priority at the moment is adhering to all government guided measures to ensure safety of their drivers and follow strict sanitisation while they are out on the field.

‘Everything starts with a small change’ says Kannan Marimuthu – CTO at Howddy who manages the technical aspects that cover R&D, Operations and Testing. Having developed an ideal strategy that involves operations at low input cost and less maintanince leaving the team ample time to focus on the growth of the company. Setting aside a technology that is well fitted for the ‘Urban Delivery Industry’ that is sure to contribute to a pollution free environment as well as a cost effective model is what Kannan looks into. Being reassured of the importance of the essential service industry during the pandemic times, the company is more than proud to Electrify the delivery system.

Striding ahead with these combined forces Howddy is set to disrupt the market and make a revolutionary change to make the earth a better place for all.

It’s today and now that you chose to shift towards a more sustainable lifestyle. If you love what we’re doing and would like to know more, let us know who you are 🙂

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