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Howddy – Paving The Way For A Greener Future

The future lies in making actions that count today. As an enterprise thinking ahead and planning for a greener planet must always remain priority. At Howddy, we have thought out every possible juncture to ensure you experience complete comfort in our working modules, service, value for money, employee benefits, saving expense on fuel combustion and more. We at Howddy aim at fuelling those thoughts to any company in the delivery sector who would like to make that switch to Green Mobility today.

We have identified common problems that are faced today in the delivery sector for which we have a wholesome solution that makes your experience with Howddy a whole lot easier. From scooter subscription models to First Mile-Mid Mile-Last Mile Delivery solutions, we are an end to end electric mobility solutions company

The Problem – With constant issues on the rise, such as increase in CO2 levels from petrol scooters used by delivery executives that combine high costs of vehicle maintenance, making it cumbersome for organisations to operate smoothly. The day to day rise in fuel costs is yet another constant battle to deal with.

The Solution – With our electric scooters that are eco friendly we not only contribute to a sustainable future we also help one save on fuel costs and increase personal savings. At Howddy we have also created job opportunities for those without the ownership of a vehicle. Vehicle rentals are made easy through our zero maintenance and easy replacement schemes. Our first mile – mid mile and last mile services create sufficient job opportunities through the system with our 2 and 3 wheeler electric cargo vehicles. Collaboration with Howddy means more significant time to focus on business growth for organisations. Our choice of mobility has a direct and strong impact on our environment, let’s continue to rework together on sustainable methods to keep our cities calm, peaceful and green. Make that change by switching to the Howddy way of life. Write in to us at for more details.

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