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How do EV’s reduce your carbon footprint?

We are all aware that switching to electric vehicles for our daily mobility can contribute to saving the planet. Have you ever wondered how?

Vehicles that run on fossil fuels and depend on the earth’s natural resources are one of the major contributors to rising carbon footprints i.e measure of impact one has on the amount of carbon dioxide produced through burning of said fuels. This footprint directly contributes towards global warming.

Fuel based vehicles generate 4.6 metric tones of carbon dioxide per year and account for roughly one-fifth of the total CO2 emissions. According to several studies, EV’s have a much lower lifetime climate impact compared to vehicles that run on internal combustion engines (ICE). Electric automobiles contribute zero direct emissions: they use electricity as their fuel thus generating fewer emissions than petroleum based scooters and cars. It is also noted that countries that use more renewable energy showcase lower carbon footprints.

At Howddy, we’re on a mission to help India transition into greener cities by switching to green delivery. Our electric scooters contribute zero carbon emissions and maintain a sustainable and eco-friendly approach. By conserving fuel and switching to electric automobiles, we at Howddy are doing our very best in contributing to saving our planet.

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