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First-Mile, Mid-Mile and Last-Mile In B2B & B2C Logistics

The meteoric rise in logistic services needed for the delivery sector in the country is a topic we are tending to today. We at Howddy focus on finding a seamless automation between operating through First, Mid and Last Mile delivery to enhance the end set up for a client and customer by real time analytics of delivery vehicles and personals on both 2 and 3 wheeler electric vehicles.

Moving onto more on how we operate these various programs:-

First Mile Delivery

When it comes to moving stock or equipment across the country, the very first mile and the last mile are where delays and challenges are met. However, there are ways to prepare for these hurdles and make moving stock or shipments as efficient and seamless as possible. It is important to remember that long journeys are often more simple and hazard-free than shorter journeys in busy cities with multiple stopping points. Customers are expecting more efficient turnaround times when it comes to delivery and businesses are under pressure to keep up with demand: seamless first mile and last mile delivery are therefore essential.

Mid Mile Delivery

Middle mile offers cost-saving opportunities last mile doesn’t. If organisations are looking to cut cost in their mid mile delivery it is important to look beyond freight rates. Keeping in mind everything from logistical optimization to off-peak trucking to keep costs low not just in the middle, but throughout the fulfilment process. There’s little room for error in middle mile, which lends itself to consolidation and optimization among companies and their partners.

Last Mile Delivery

If a company is already involved in logistics and delivery, owning a fleet or outsourcing to a third party logistics company, Howddy helps in automating the entire process and optimisation so the organisation can reduce logistics cost by up to 20% and improve customer experience on several folds. Howddy focuses on route optimisation, delivery scheduling and other requirements to match up to and surpass the best last mile experience. At Howddy we excel in client and customer satisfaction by enabling an optimized delivery route and field service workforce management.

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