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#The Howdyy Way

Technology itself is not a destructive force and neither are humans. Both have the potential to do good and when positively combined we can achieve beautiful things. As such, the solution to combat the negative impacts on the environment isn’t to remove technology from the equation but instead optimize to work in harmony with nature. Our company was founded on the belief that society can progress further in coherence with nature by using technology that’s fueled by clean energy. We contribute to this revolution by offering eco-friendly deliveries to the delivery companies. We want to save your time, money, energy AND at the same time save our environment. To do this, we offer a mix of First, Mid & Last mile Eco-Friendly solutions.

Why We Do IT?

Our why is simple; we see the world burning but, there’s no one with a firehose.

As companies grow and service their customers, they consume vast amounts of energy to streamline their services. This results in overwhelming energy demands and even more overwhelming impacts on our environment. Since we need to get this energy from somewhere, we need to extract it from the natural resources around us. The good thing is it gets the work done. The bad thing is it has cost us a lot. The cost we’re talking about isn’t monetary but instead environmental. Our old methods of doing things have robbed the Earth of its resources. Stripping it bare to the bone and contaminating everything we touch. We’re facing worldwide extinction of once-thriving species, air pollution, water pollution, and decreased quality of life. We believe this cost is too high – making us indebted to nature and the societies these problems impact. We believe we can help everyone repay this debt and heal the world we love.

Simply put, we see the fire before us and we come running with our firehose.

How we do it:

Seeing the growth of e-commerce in India also opened our eyes to an ongoing and ever-growing problem – our planet is buried in pollutants. The expansion of various industries has also expanded their carbon footprint which in turn hurts nature and society. Instead of being onlookers that worry about this problem, we’ve become enactors who are on a mission to save and heal the Earth and our society. We labour to inject our budding economy with a cure for a disease that might become its downfall. We achieve this by offering eco-friendly first, mid, & last-mile delivery. By are using all-electric vehicles, we help companies exponentially decrease their carbon footprint and change their impact on our planet from negative and degrading to positive and purifying. We provide companies with a more eco- conscious alternative for their delivery needs while exceeding their most crucial expectations.

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