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Striding Ahead And Keeping Up with Changing Times During The Covid 19 – Pandemic

Winding down and pausing has been no option for Howddy through these times. With the lockdown in force and people having to stay home, the demand for supplies and delivery has drastically seen a massive growth, thereby calling in for a wide support system like Howddy who extends hygienic, cost effective and thought out working models for the service industry.

Stepping up and doubling the workforce to cater to every service industry from the essential sector was a game changer for Howddy during the Covid 19 – Pandemic. With an increase in demand for delivery in various sectors made it promising for Howddy to extend itself and work around like clock with implementing 100% sanitization and safety measures and keeping the consistency going.

The Covid 19 pandemic is undeniably affected countless lives across the country. Filling in the transportation gaps during these times with a conscious look out for Howddy’s very own employees and the clients that they cater to has been of utmost priority. Following a 6 step sanitization process as per WHO standards and ensuring social distancing between the employees and clients is what Howddy has strictly followed through this period.

With the spike in demand, and rising need for fuel-efficient vehicles, backed by increasing concerns over carbon and greenhouse gas emissions, it is expected to drive the adoption of electric scooters (e-scooters) over the forecast period. This definitely has played a huge role in the growth of the company while not only for its profits but being able to partner with some of the country’s leading essential service companies and being a part of a new revolution.

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