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Pros and Cons of shifting to EV’s

While they are a go-to for most environmentally conscious consumers, electric vehicles are quickly becoming a popular choice amongst a large number of buyers. Thinking about switching to the electric way? Let us help you make an informed decision with a few pros and cons:

Pro’s: 1. Zero fuel cost: The running cost of electric vehicles is far less compared to the diesel and petrol automobiles. There is no risk of rising fuel prices to worry about or spending a large sum of income on fuel.

2. Easy to maintain: Electric scooters and cars are very easy to maintain. They do not require an oil change or tune ups. At the same time, EV’s have few movable parts and do not use any wear and tear items like spark plugs or drive belts. This also gives them high resale value.

3. Environmentally-friendly: Electric vehicles are a buffet of environmentally-friendly attributes. EV’s have zero carbon emissions, they do not require the planet’s natural resources and they significantly reduce air and noise pollution with their electric and silent engines.

4. Tax benefits: It is the perfect time to invest in EV’s as the Centre and various state governments are providing multiple tax benefits and subsidies for electric automobiles.


1. Charging stations: While several multinational companies and government bodies are investing heavily to build charging infrastructure, there isn’t an abundance of charging stations for convenient and quick recharges.

2. Affordability: EV’s majorly save fuel costs but it is important to assess the upfront price and one’s budget for it. At the same time, replacing batteries is expensive while several parts aren’t readily available.

3. Driving range: An important point to consider is the driving range for electric vehicles. While most EV’s can now cover 300-350 kilometers on a full charge, it is a risk to use these vehicles for longer trips and distances.

With Howddy, there are no cons! We take care of it all. Howddy takes care of service and insurance costs and requires no ownership cost. What’s more? We customize our services to your needs. Howddy has a sustainable working model for every segment in the delivery industry and give you the right subscription model and last mile delivery services for you!

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