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End To End Delivery Solutions By Howddy

Today most brands are looking for revolutionary solutions that easen out the operations and business models. It is key to look for modules that can address complexities and provide you with the needed reliability to be successful. E Mobility is taking off, and every other day there is a sufficient number of emerging brands with various schemes.  At Howddy our main objective lies in reforming modern transportation in a way that amplifies the prosperity of nature.

When it comes to logistics and ecommerce, India has shown an ever growing appetite for greater innovation and quicker services. But that comes at a cost. As the number of deliveries increase so do the vehicles on the road and that’s where India needs to balance ambition with change to meet its various national and international environmental objectives.

We began with a simplified 2 wheeler monthly subscription model where one can hire an electric scooter with rentals as low as Rs 3000-3500 per month, thus helping organisations with a cost effective and convenient solution in their delivery service. All round maintenance and insurance is taken care of by us leaving very little hassle to deal with. Scooters are of top recognized OEM’s such as Hero and Amphere. This model also encourages organisations to increase employment for those without a 2 wheeler at extremely affordable prices.

Howddy has further extended itself to provide Last Mile Delivery Solutions. It comes with a touch of sustainability. The very blend of cost and convenience along with our unique cost per order model are powered by our electric 2 and 3 wheelers.

At Howddy we believe that e-mobility is the future of the service industry across the country. While there is something we can do individually, there is always a bigger impact with bigger numbers and that’s the path the Howdy model follows. With this we easen out business operations as well as help the planet breathe a little more comfortably.

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