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Electric Vehicles – The Go-To For Cost Efficiency

The electric vehicle landscape in India has seen a major rise over the last couple of years. Today, e-commerce companies, mobility solution providers, car manufacturers and app-based transportation network companies are contributing to the increase in capacity and visibility of electric vehicles.

Keeping in mind the need for charging infrastructure and high initial cost, several companies and manufacturers are making the shift to EV’s for their transportation. This steady and growing shift is caused due to the cost-efficient capabilities offered by electric vehicles. E-commerce companies such as Amazon, BigBasket and food delivery services such as Zomato and Swiggy are heavily dependent on electric 3 wheelers for deliveries. For these firms, the electric vehicles have reduced delivery costs and increased earnings making way for the growth in the last mile delivery sector

An average delivery person earns between Rs. 13,000 to Rs.18,000 for 400-500 deliveries a month. Keeping that in mind, a standard Rs. 5000 – Rs 6000 is spent on fuel every month since delivery personnel travel 60-70 kilometers a day. At the same time, an individual charges a delivery cost of roughly Rs. 50- rs. R5 per order. With electric vehicles, delivery personnel save money on fuel and increase their net income which in turn reduces delivery cost for companies to Rs. 40-45 per order.

At Howddy, we understand the need to save money and be efficient at the same time. Our scooters are easy to maintain, can be easily replaced and come with zero fuel cost. Howddy takes care of service and insurance costs and requires no ownership cost thus helping organizations with a cost effective and convenient solution in their delivery service. We at Howddy support the government’s initiative to promote electric vehicles and continue to do our part in making India sustainable and cost-efficient for everyone.

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